Elevate your beauty game at our salon with our exquisite eyebrow and eyelash treatments. Our skilled technicians specialize in creating luscious, well-defined lashes and perfectly sculpted brows that enhance your natural allure. 

Whether you're looking for a voluminous lash lift or precise brow shaping, we're dedicated to making your eyes the center of attention. Step into a world of elegance and walk out with eyes that captivate. Discover the power of eyebrow and eyelash transformations at our salon today.


Lash tint • 30 mins •
Brow tint • 30 mins •
Brow shape • 30 mins •
Brow shape + brow tint • 30 mins •
Eye Trio: brow shape, tint + lash tint • 45 mins •
Brow lamination • 1 hour •

Treatment List

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